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jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Toulouse Space Show: call for papers

Toulouse Space Show: call for papers

31 January 2012
ESA is a partner in the Toulouse Space Show being held 25–28 June. Experts from all over the world will gather for conferences on space applications, antenna technology and more. Papers are invited for presentation at the conferences; the closing date for submission of abstracts is 15 February.

The conferences

Space Applications: promotes space as a vital tool to resolve technical and economic needs, either alone or combined with other technologies.
Space & Law: deals with space law and the carrying out of tasks to foster the development of law and regulation. It will address all legal questions from the perspective of the providers and users of given types of space applications.
Knowledge Management for Space Missions: focuses on knowledge management topics for the space community. However, the findings and recommendations are also relevant for other sectors. Special attention will be given to young professionals and their expectations.
Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics: addresses all aspects of antennas, electromagnetics and radio frequency systems including research and development, design, simulation, methods, algorithms, software and emerging topics and technologies.

For full details on how to submit papers and other practicalities, please see link in the column to the right.

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