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viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Titan Canyon Country

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Narrator: Extending a grand tour - of the ringed planet.

Title: Titan Canyon Country the radar that we've been flying around Saturn

Title: Voice of Tom Farr, Cassini radar team associate and passing by Titan periodically,

we've been able to map out the surface brightness as the radar sees it.

We see geologic processes that are very similar to what we see on the Earth.

This is a computer generated 3-D fly through of an area of karst topography on Titan.

It was generated by inferring the topography and then laying a radar image down on top of the 3-D map.

This area is an area called Sikun Labyrinthus on Titan.

Text: White Canyon, Utah It's an area of karst topography very similar to the karst topography we find on Earth,

Text: Cockpit Country, Jamaica especially in places like Jamaica,

Text: Arecibo, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Text: Guangxi province, China or China.

It’s an area where liquid methane here on Titan has dissolved the rocks and produced a residual landscape of just hills and valleys with no river valleys flowing through the area.

So it’s yet again another process that we see on the Earth that we find on Titan making Titan very similar to the Earth in many ways.

Text: Artistic interpretation and animation by Mike Malaska, Doug Ellison and Bjorn Jonsson using radar and imaging data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and ESA's Huygens probe

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

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